Anxiety Advertisement Everyone experiences bouts of stress at some time or the other. The reaction to the daily stress is known as anxiety. It does not ring an alarm of concern until it culminates into a disabling disorder, which can further lead to an attack. Now, an anxiety attack is a sudden surge of an overpowering fear, which can strike a person for no rhyme or reason (or at times due to mental pressure caused by multiple reasons). It may also come to a person without any prior warning. And things cannot get any worse in a pregnancy if the woman experiences anxiety attacks during this vital phase of her life. Panic Attacks During Pregnancy Anxiety, although concerns the mind, affects the physical aspect of the body too. Some of its prominent symptoms observed are heart palpitations, shortness of breath, sudden headache, stomach ache, and chest pain. There is an increase in blood pressure, and in some people sweating and trembling are significant symptoms.Test X180 Alpha For a pregnant female, there need not be a reason for anxiety attacks experienced by her. This is because there are many factors pertaining to both physical and mental health conditions. Some of the common reasons could be attributed to hormonal changes within her changing body (Change in hormones always brings changes in the physical and mental condition of a person) or some already existing ailments. One of the palpable reasons for anxiety attacks during pregnancy is alteration in levels of serotonin hormone (which is responsible for producing emotions, like fear or worry). Due to an imbalance, this can trigger mood swings, panic attacks, and depression. Hormonal changes can lead to erratic mood swings in a pregnant lady, which can aggravate the anxiety in her, leading to an anxiety attack during pregnancy. Apart from the physical concerns, psychological concerns can be more disturbing reasons for causing anxiety disorders during pregnancy.

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